Our Solution

Our intelligent, responsive and customized security and inventory management solutions have been providing retailers with peace of mind since 1997. The quantifiable advantages of our specialized approach can be seen in action every single day throughout the stores of some of the world’s biggest retailers. The end result? Increased profits and reduced expenditure on merchandising, operations and loss prevention.

Our a3tag and STPLUS1 tag are the most comprehensive and advanced inventory and theft control solutions in today’s market – but the success of our tactics extends beyond recommending these exceptional EAS and RFID products. We also create customized plans that reflect the unique set of challenges faced by your store. Our strategic solutions are second to none, based not only on our extensive experience in the industry, but also our uncontested understanding of the ever-changing terrain of today’s theft technology and inventory management practices.

  • Unique and Proven Tagging Solutions
  • Improved product control with RFID Technology
  • Family Customer Service
  • Save Money!